Applying to HealthTech through the University Platform eCandidat

How do I create an account on eCandidat?

For international students, scroll down to the bottom of the home page, select the academic year, and then click on "Create an account". Once you have validated your account, you will be able to login, still using the "Not student at the Université de Strasbourg" interface.

To update your account, you will be asked to enter your personal information (nationality, INE, contact email etc). You can access and modify the information you entered by clicking on the My account menu, page Perso. information.

Do I need to create an account on eCandidat if I am already a Unistra student?

Yes you do, but the process is slightly different. For students already enrolled at the University of Strasbourg, click on "Login" (under the phrase "I am a student at the Université de Strasbourg" and not on the left of the screen) and log in with your Unistra username and password. After clicking on "I do not have an eCandidat account" and confirming your email adress, you will be asked to validate your account via an email you will receive. Once you have done so, you will be able to login.

How do I apply to HealthTech?

Once you have created an eCandidat account, you can login to the platform. In the menu Degree programs:

  • scroll down to "Télécom Physique Strasbourg"

  • select "master LMD"

  • to apply to the 1st year Master track: choose "Master 1ère année Optique, image, vision, multimédia : HealthTech", then validate.

  • to apply to the 2nd year Master track: choose "Master 2ème année Optique, image, vision, multimédia : HealthTech", then validate.

As an international student, do I need to register on Campus France as well?

No, you do not. We only ask for an application through the eCandidat platform.

Application file

What documents are required for my application ? 

Once you have created your eCandidat account and applied to HealthTech, you still need to prepare your file. In the menu, go to my account > applications. Click on your application and on the "Open" button. You will see an overview of your application and application status. Upload the required documents by clicking on « + » on the appropriate line. Click on « - » if you wish to remove the uploaded document.

These are the required documents: ID copy, ID picture, high school transcript, high school diploma,  CV, motivation letter addressing your interest in the HealthTech program, copies of post-secondary degree diplomas , academic transcripts from the past 2-4 years, proof of English proficiency, letter(s) of recommendation.

Please be advised that your "Copie du relevé de notes du baccalauréat (ou équivalent)" refers to your high school transcript. You can upload your university transcripts (Bachelor's, Master's, etc.) under "Academic transcripts of the past 4 years".

Other documents are not compulsory for application. If you do not wish to add them, click on "document does not apply to me" and validate your selection (e.g. for the copies of your post-secondary degree diplomas if you do not have any yet).

Do I need to translate all supporting documents?

Yes. We ask that supporting documents be translated into either French or English.

Which "Type of high school diploma/baccalaureate or equivalence" should I select in the list?

In the section “Perso. information”, the high school diploma series to be selected for international students is “0031 - titre étranger admis en équivalence” (high school diploma obtained outside of France). The 0001-bac international only applies to French students whom obtained a French international high school diploma.



What do I submit for "Proof of English Proficiency"?

As English is the language of instruction for the HealthTech graduate program, it is imperative that your skills in English are sufficient in order for you to be able to follow the coursework. Therefore, we require a B2 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, for entrance into the program. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to request an oral interview with candidates in order to assess language level. 

Required documentation:

We do not impose a type of language test for our application, however, we insist on a proof of proficiency. Please refer to the broad categories below for a clearer breakdown of what kinds of documentation are accepted.

Case 1: I have never taken a language test, but took language classes at university

If you have never taken an official language test, but were assessed in language classes at university, please provide a letter from an English teacher attesting to your language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language. For information about the language levels and for self-assessment, please refer to this page from the Council of Europe.

Case 2: I have taken a language test

If you have taken a formal language test (ex. TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge), please provide the results from this test. 

Case 3: The language of instruction for my university is English/my native language is English

If the language of instruction at your university is English, please provide an official certificate from your university stating that the language of instruction is in English. If you are a native speaker, you may provide a signed sworn statement (attestation sur l'honneur) that attests to the fact that English is your native language.





How can I be sure my application was sent?

Once you have uploaded all required documents, click on "Submit my application". If you fail to do so, your application will not be taken into account.

How do I apply for the fellowship?

Once you have created your account and selected HealthTech, you will be able to download the application directly from the eCandidat platform. At the application stage, this is the only required document. Please ensure that you sign and date this document and include the location (city, country) where the document was signed.

If you are selected in the program, you will then receive specific documents to enroll as a fellow and agree to the conditions of the fellowship.

After admission: registering to the University of Strasbourg

How do I register to the University of Strasbourg?

After receving the acceptance letter, selected students will receive an automatic email from eCandidat stating that registration to the University of Strasbourg has opened (  early July).


How much are the tuition fees?

Tuitions fees include:

  • Student life and campus contribution (CVEC): 100€ (in 2023)
  • Registration fees for the University of Strasbourg, Master's degree: 243€ (in 2022)

 Fellows:  HealthTech fellows are eligible for reimbursement of the program tuition fees by submitting the necessary receipts at the start of the school year.

 International students: the University of Strasbourg does not apply differential tuition fees for international students, therefore tuition fees are the same for all students.


Who is considered a scholarship student when applying to Unistra ?

 HealthTech international students are not considered scholarship students when applying. Do not register for the university as a scholarship student. 

In France, scholarships are awarded by the state exclusively on a need-based scale. Only French students who have completed the required request for financial assistance can receive an official scholarship.

The HealthTech fellowship is a fellowship based on merit and does not change based on financial status.

How do I get a CVEC number?

Before registering online, students will need to get a CVEC numberhttps://cvec.etudiant.gouv.fr/
 CVEC is a "Student life and campus contribution" that must be paid (100€) in order to have the right to enroll at the University.
 Please keep the proof of payment since we will need it in September to reimburse you.

  • Please enter your name carefully : nom patronymique = last name (ex : CARPENTER) and prénom = first name (ex : John).
  • International students: if they ask for the INE code during the CVEC procedure, you should be able to click on "je n'ai pas d'INE" ("I do not have an INE") to move forward, since only people who have already registered to a French higher education institution in the previous years already have an INE code.


I haven't received my BSc yet, how can I upload the last obtained diploma?

The University website requires students to upload the copy of the last obtained diploma, which enables access to the appropriate graduate level ("Copie de l'attestation de réussite du dernier diplôme obtenu donnant accès au niveau d'études demandé"). If you have not yet received your BSc diploma, you should upload your high school diploma (if it is indeed the last diploma you have received at the time of registration to HealthTech's MSc).


What is the "assurance responsabilité civile" and do I need one?

The assurance responsabilité civile is a liability insurance coverage that French people have to subscribe to, it covers the damage one can unintentionally do to others. It is mandatory for students enrolled at the University of Strasbourg, especially when undergoing an internship. You will therefore need to subscribe to one upon arrival.

This insurance coverage is usually included either in the home insurance or in student complementary health insurance (although not all students subscribe to this complementary health insurance). It is therefore recommended to wait until arrival in Strasbourg to subscribe to this liability insurance, since in most cases it will be included through some other form of insurance (usually the home insurance). If it's not, you will be able to find one online, for an estimate cost of 10-20€/year. 


HealthTech Mobil'ITI Fellowship

When will I receive my Mobil'ITI payment ?

The Mobil'ITI payments are processed in 2 stages: 80% at the start of the year and 20% upon completion of the year. The first Mobil'ITI payment (80%) is typically processed in last 2 weeks of September and the payment is recieved by mid-October. The second Mobil'ITI payment (20%) is processed after the juries and is dependent on the timing of the juries. For M1 students, the payment request is typically sent within the first 10 days of September. For M2 students, it is typically sent in the 3rd week of September.