HealthTech consortium

HealthTech is built around a unique association of doctors and surgeons, researchers in engineering and computer sciences, and researchers in the management of creativity, with a proven ability to transfer medical innovations from bench to bedside.

HealthTech at a glance

HealthTech gathers:

  • Over 100 permanent researchers
  • 2 research laboratories
  • 4 research and transfer partners
  • 5 faculties and engineering schools
  • 3 doctoral schools


In a site of excellence:

  • Over 2000 publications since 2015
  • A center of excellence in biomedical engineering
  • World-class research facilities
  • A privileged location in Europe

Research and transfer

  • ICube laboratory
    The Laboratory of Engineering science, Computer science and Imaging is a major research facility gathering experts in the field of healthcare applications. Its specialties include medical robotics, imaging, signal processing, data science, artificial intelligence, networks and biomechanics.

  • BETA Laboratory
    The Bureau of Theoretic and Applied Economics is a major laboratory focusing its research on economics and management of creativity and innovation, and on the study of the socio-economic impact of medical innovation. 

  • IHU Strasbourg
    The Institute of Image-Guided Surgery, one of the 6 French IHUs, develops activities related to care, but also to education, research and technology transfer. It is highly specialized in the development of minimally-invasive surgery techniques and customized patient care.

    The National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology develops technologies transferable to clinical use, with applications in the fields of intraoperative guidance or real-time simulation.

    The Research Institute against Digestive Cancer develops high-level training and research activities in the field of minimally-invasive surgery. It has long been a worldwide ambassador of French excellence, establishing partnerships with major industrial players.

  • BioValley France
    This worldwide competitiveness cluster is specialized in healthcare. Among other actions, it promotes clinical translation and transfer of research innovations in the field of medical devices, as well as the emergence of start-up companies.

Training through research

  • Telecom Physique Strasbourg
    This Engineering School of the University of Strasbourg has developed a unique specialized graduate program in Information Technology for Healthcare, and also offers a Master’s program. 

  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
    The Master of Computer Science offers training programs with applications in healthcare, including specialized courses in image processing or simulation. 

  • Faculty of Economics and Management 
    The Master of Innovation Management offers particularly relevant courses for innovation in healthcare, providing scientists with methods to develop original research projects. 

  • INSA Strasbourg
    The National Institute for Applied Sciences of Strasbourg is a Graduate School of Engineering of the National Institute for Applied Sciences, with high-level training programs in electrical engineering or mechanics.

  • Faculty of Medicine
    Students enrolled in the Joint Curriculum Medicine-Science training program follow multidisciplinary scientific Master level courses on top of their medical studies, leading them to an early PhD. 

  • Doctoral schools
    Three doctoral schools are involved in HealthTech’s training program: 
    1. Mathematics, information and engineering sciences (ED 269)
    2. Life and health sciences (ED 414)
    3. Economics and management (ED 221).