PhD program

Every year, HealthTech launches a call for PhD proposals in order to favor training through research by supporting outstanding doctoral projects offered to high potential MSc graduates.

Prospective Ph.D. applicants:

The application period for the open PhD positions is currently closed. The next applicationp period is anticipated to open in March 2025.

PhD curriculum

PhD training courses

When registered in a doctoral school, PhD students are required to follow scientific and socioprofessional (transversal) training programs. In this context, the catalog of disciplinary courses of the HealthTech Master track will be made available to interested PhD students, on top of other scientific and multi-disciplinary training opportunities offered by doctoral schools. For doctoral students who would like to register in HealthTech Master track classes as part of their doctoral training program, please contact the HealthTech coordination team to see if the classes are open. 

PhD financial support

HealthTech PhD project funding includes:

  • up to 1000€ of small equipment per year of PhD
  • the funding of missions up to 4000€ over the 36 months of the doctoral contract

This complementary funding supports the investment in new pieces of equipment for PhD students' experiments, and allows them to participate to national and international conferences, covering transportation and accommodation costs.

Graduate teaching assistant positions

HealthTech offers PhD students the opportunity gain teaching experience through teaching assistant positions. PhD students are strongly encouraged to teach in HealthTech's Master track, or offer lectures in our partner institutions.

HealthTech ongoing PhD projects: 2021-2024

In the interest of promoting interdisciplinarity, all funded PhD projects are co-supervised by at least two research scientists from different disciplinary backgrounds.

In vivo optical and elastic micro-tomography

  • PhD student: E. Martins Seromenho
  • Co-supervisors: N. Bahlouli, S. Facca & A. Nahas, ICube & HUS
  • Learn more about this project

Autonomous Endovascular Navigation

  • PhD student: V. Scarponi
  • Co-supervisors: S. Cotin, F. Nageotte & M. Duprez, INRIA & ICube
  • Learn more about this project



HealthTech ongoing PhD projects : 2022-2025

Hand Fracture Surgical Video Analysis for AI-Based Training and Surgical Safety

  • PhD student: C. Graëff
  • Co-supervisors: P. Liverneaux & T. Lampert, ICube & HUS
  • Learn more about this project

Multiscale mechanical model for skeletal muscle using homogenization approach coupling imaging, modeling and genetic expression

  • PhD student: A. Loumeaud
  • Co-supervisors: D. George, S. Bensamoun & S. Chatelin, ICube & Biomechanics and Bioengineering Laboratory (UTC)
  • Learn more about this project

Deep learning based medical image outpainting for adaptive radiotherapy

  • PhD student: C. Boily
  • Co-supervisors: P. Meyer, D. Antoni & A. Lallement, ICube & ICANS
  • Learn more about this project

Robust intra-cell semantic segmentation for quantifying metastasis stages

  • PhD student: A. Stenger
  • Co-supervisors: B. Naegel & P. Schultz, ICube & IGBMC
  • Learn more about this project

Patient-specific study of the internal cemented screws for the pelvis metastasis

  • PhD student: C. Sieffert
  • Co-supervisors: J. Garnon, B. Bayle & L. Meylheuc, ICube & HUS
  • Learn more about this project

University hospital institutes (IHU) : a new paradigm for innovation in the health sector?

  • PhD student: L. Jeanneau
  • Supervisor: S. Bianchini, S. Bollinger & E. Ruiz, BETA
  • Learn more about this project

Learn more about this year's selected PhD projects

HealthTech ongoing PhD Projects : 2023-2026

Numerical abacuses applied to the orthodontic field, a tool dedicated to the practitioners for the optimization of the chioce of shape memory alloys archwires

Robot-assisted, focused ultrasound device for volumetric Blood-Brain-Barrier

Study and numerical analysis of femoral varus osteotomy by lateral opening

Tumour segmentation in multimodal 3D imagery using self-supervised learning 


Laser scanning out of multi-core optical fiber for tumor treatment

Co-Pilot: Preoperative planning and intraoperative guidance for controlled articulated needles

Learn more about this year's selected PhD projects