Our missions

HealthTech combines an interdisciplinary research cluster of excellence with a highly competitive graduate school, in order to develop tomorrow's healthcare through top-level research in biomedical engineering and innovation, while training the future generation of experts in a unique environment.

Assistance to medicine and surgery

Progress in healthcare relies on cutting-edge research and on highly trained scientists and engineers. Within a unique environment in biomedical engineering, HealthTech aims at developing an international pole of excellence in the field of innovation in medicine, digital healthcare and computer-assisted interventions. Combining both top-level research in biomedical innovation and educational programs based on training through research, our ambition is to make groundbreaking contributions to medical practice, while preparing the future generation of experts in this rapidly evolving field.

Research and innovation

  • develop research of excellence
  • promote partnerships with international institutions
  • increase the economic relevance of innovative projects
  • support the emergence of start-up companies
  • promote interdisciplinarity through collaborative projects

Our objectives are, in particular, to develop novel interventional imaging modalities and methods, medical robotic solutions of a new type controlled by increased automatic assistance offered by artificial intelligence and communicating components, as well as to study data science from its more fundamental aspects to its applications in medicine, in order to improve diagnosis, simulate surgical gestures in real time, and analyze medical practice.

Training through research

  • introduce new pedagogical practices
  • develop transversal skills through project-based learning
  • reinforce the continuity between Master and PhD programs
  • support inbound mobility by funding scholarships for talented students

HealthTech also promotes the education-research continuum through the development of a highly competitive educational program in its research areas, dedicated to Master and Doctoral students. Our Institute operates at the crossroads of medicine, engineering sciences and innovation.