Research axes

Relying on its existing fields of excellence in biomedical engineering and innovation, HealthTech will build a cross-disciplinary and translational approach to the medical device, on the scientific level but also including ethical, societal and economic issues.

Our scientific vision

HealthTech offers a unique interdisciplinary background to develop tomorrow's healthcare based on top-level research in biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence and economics of innovation. Our ambition is to develop a leading international research center in the field of digital healthcare and assistance for medical interventions. The field of innovation in biomedical engineering is already an established area of excellence in Strasbourg, with a unique position in France and Europe for research in medical robotics, medical imaging, surgery, and translational research. In this context, our aim is to expand this scientific excellence by developing mutli-disciplinary teams built purposely to find solutions to problems raised by medical needs, and improve patient care.

Research topics

HealthTech covers the whole process of translational research from medical needs to innovation release, with a focus on science and technology. Our research is built around two axes:

  • systems for assisting diagnosis and surgical procedures, which includes new complex challenges related to interventional imaging, biomedical instrumentation and robotics.
  • science of medical data and patient modeling, at the crossroads of disciplines such as medicine, computer science and AI, signal processing or biomechanics.

These two research axes, strongly connected to each other, are expected to have a transformative impact on prediction, diagnosis and monitoring in healthcare, and will be complemented by cross-disciplinary research investigating medical translation and innovation issues.