Master fellowships

Our training program includes significant fellowships covering most living costs for the academic year, travel expenses and tuition fees allowing for great opportunities for local and international students wishing to pursue in the field of assistance to medicine and surgery.

HealthTech fellowship

The HealthTech fellowship, part of the Mobil’ITI program, includes:

  • 950€/month from September to June (10 months) for 1st year Master fellows and for the 5 months of the fall semester for 2nd year Master fellows
  • Tuition fees to enroll at the University of Strasbourg for all student profiles
  • 500€ to cover relocating expenses for incoming students (upon arrival)
  • 600€ to cover travel expenses for students living at less than 4000km from Strasbourg (outside of the Grand Est / Upper Rhine region), or 1000€ if distance is over 4000km (upon arrival)


80% of the fellowship for the fall semester will be delivered at the end of the registration process, while the remaining 20% will be delivered after reception of the academic transcripts of both semesters. The University of Strasbourg reserves the right to ask for full reimbursement of the fellowship in case the student ceases the training program before its term.


The end-of-studies internship grant will be delivered during the spring semester of the 2nd year Master training program, but is not included in the present Mobil’ITI program. The internship has to be pursued in a HealthTech-affiliated laboratory.

Application to the fellowship program

A fellowship application form has to be added to the application file to the Master program (application on eCandidat). The application form is available for download on the eCandidat platform, once you have created an account and selected HealthTech's training program.


The fellowship is only accessible to applicants who were admitted to HealthTech’s Master program based on their academic excellence and professional project. Notification of attribution decision will be transmitted in the 2 weeks following the pedagogical committee board meeting.


The Mobil’ITI grant cannot be combined with the following mobility support programs :

  • Unistra international mobility support system (DRI)
  • Erasmus+ MIC / Mundus / KA 103 except Erasmus+ Internship KA103
  • FMU
  • Other financial support from IdEx funding for the same academic year

Eiffel Scholarship

The Eiffel Scholarship is a scholarship established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs that provides financial assistance for foreign students for a Master's or PhD program. Candidates for the Master's program must be under 25 years of age. For specific information about the Eiffel Scholarship at the University of Strasbourg, please see the dedicated university site: . 

This scholarship is separate from, and non-cumulable with, the HealthTech Fellowship.