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With a unique interdisciplinary background in research and innovation, our aim is to develop multi-disciplinary teams built purposely to develop tomorrow's healthcare.

2021 Call for interdisciplinary research proposals

With our first call for proposals in March 2021, our goal was to initiate close collaboration between teams working in different fields, with a strong potential for innovative clinical applications.

The following seed projects were awarded a starting grant by HealthTech:


2022 Call for interdisciplinary research proposals

2022 Joint IHU Strasbourg - ICube - HealthTech projects

In Fall 2022, following the call for proposals jointly organized by IHU Strasbourg, ICube and ITI HealthTech, 7 new projects have been awarded. The grants include funding for the research activities and material expenses, together with free access to the outstanding facilities of IHU Strasbourg : 

  • Dr H. Cebula and Dr C. Giraudeau, for  CryoBar on the Impact  cryotherapy on the BBB integrity
  • Dr J. Vappou and Dr C. Giraudeau, for the InTEL project:  MRI monitoring of cavitation for increased therapeutic efficiency in localized drug delivery
  • Dr A. Nahas with Dr. A. Venkatasamy, for the LiveMargin project,  about In vivo multimodal SO-FF-OCT imaging for in-real-time tumor margin analysis
  • Dr V. Maioli and Dr. A. Venkatasamy, for the HT-OPM-PDO project: High-throughput oblique microscopy for patient-derived tissue imaging
  • Dr L. Rubbert and Dr JP Mazellier for the ARC-IHU project: Steering needle through controlled flexibility for enhanced image-guided insertion
  • Dr T. Lampert and Prof N. Padoy, for AlonHandSurgery about Hand Fracture Surgical Video Analysis for AI-Based Training and Surgical Safety
  • Prof C. Wemmert and Prof P. Liverneaux, for miForger, about Fake medical images for carpal dislocation diagnosis

2024 Call for interdisciplinary research proposals