Ph.D Defense - Manon Blaise

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Ph.D. defense

Manon Blaise, PhD student at the ICube laboratory with the team MMB, will present her doctoral research entitled "Biomechanical modeling of the vestibule of the human inner ear for the study of healthy and pathological variants" on April 15th.

15 April 2024

The event will take place on Monday, April 15th at 14:30 in the Amphitheatre "Eau" at the Manufacture des Tabacs (1 cour des cigarières). 



Combined with vision and proprioception, sensory inputs provided by the vestibule of the inner ear allow the human body to maintain static and dynamic balance. A dysfunction in the physiology of the vestibular system can lead to major attacks of vertigo and dizziness (as in Menière's disease), a public health problem that is poorly controlled in France. Today, there remains a lack of knowledge about the behavior of fine structures of the inner ear labyrinth, and a lack of understanding of the interactions between these fine structures and the fluids present. We are developing a method for characterizing membranous vestibular tissue and modeling a finite element model of the semicircular canal and utricle, in order to study the influence of anatomical changes and tissue properties on the physiology of the system.

Jury members

  • Pr. Anne Charpiot, Advisor
  • Dr. Daniel Baumgartner, Co-Advisor
  • Pr. Yves Gourinat (ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse), Reviewer
  • Dr. Christian Chabbert (Research Director CNRS, LNC, Marseille), Reviewer
  • Dr. Charlotte Hautefort (Hospital practitioner APHP, Paris), Examiner
  • Pr. Etienne Puyoo (INSA, Lyon), Examiner